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The value for booking OO heaven is Rs. 2000 per hour and includes the following facilities 


Standard Facilities

Stage, Lights, Sound, Foyer area 

(View details in Downloads section) 


Other chargeable facilities are 

Drums (Rs.10000/event day): The Hirers are allowed to bring your own drum kit or alternatively rent In-house Pearl Master Drum kit. 

(Download Drum kit details)


Sound Engineer (Rs. 5000/ event day): Hirers can bring your own Sound Engineer or hire in-house Sound Engineer (recommended).


Housekeeping (Rs. 2000/event): In case any refreshments are to be served in the foyer area. The hirers are expected to hand over the venue in perfect condition, which means you have to clean the facility. Alternatively, you can hire in-house housekeeping to do the same. 


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