Our special donors

Deepu sasidharan 26-12-2016 My humble Support For the Love of Music
Ganesh Radhakrishnan 27-12-2016 Love for the independent music in India. Great initiative Suraj etta and the team!
Goncalo Pinheiro 13-03-2017 This is such a good thing... Thank you and all the best!
Govind P Menon 08-12-2016 Indie Music For The Win! :) m/
manu menon 09-12-2016
Peter Abraham 17-12-2016 Good luck Suraj and team, hopefully my band and I will be able to play there sometime down the line. Cheers!
Purnima Chandra 12-03-2017 Thank you for the music. Love always...
Ramana Doma 14-12-2016 The least we can do for all the amazing stuff you talented people do is to contribute some money. You make us happy. You take us close to God. You refresh our mind. You release our souls. GOD BLESS YOU.
Sathya 03-09-2017 For the artist
Sudhamshu Mitra 14-12-2016 I am really glad that you are supporting Indian Indie Recordings, and like you said, it is only possible if we all come together. Not just in terms of monetary numbers, but also as people working towards supporting the Indie music scene in our own ways. I hope this and many other steps that you take allows us to move towards a more decentralised music industry wherein everyone gets a chance, and everyone is heard.
Suresh Varma 09-12-2016 For the goodness in your heart Mr Mani. And for all that you stand for in music and in life.