Aum I Artistes Presents

While all Indie Recordings are welcome here, You will be happy to know that we are already hosting "The Muse Room", featuring performances by professional bands every month at ooheaven.

Our longterm goal is to select, record and release compilation albums much like Billboard Top 40 from OO Heaven.

As is mandatory with Aum I Artistes, we make sure that these artists get paid a professional fee for their performance while capturing LIVE recordings for their benefit. We are currently managing this by funding it ourselves and through the help of like minded music lovers.

So, If you are one of us and would like to join us in making this even more exciting, please consider making a Rs100 per month donation below. P.S: What you get in return is a thank you from the artists involved and The Great Indian Indie Recordings kickstarted by you.

Thank You for your contribution, as it makes our success all the more sweeter.


Our Supporters

Aanand 09-12-2016
Abbas Razvi 14-12-2016
Abhijit Namboodiripad 02-01-2017
Abhilash 19-12-2016 All the best!
Achyuth Mohan 13-12-2016
Adarsh Varghese 09-12-2016 More power to you. I'm cheering you on! Adarsh Varghese from HYDERABAD.
Aditya Nayak 08-12-2016 The work you have done so far is amazing. Have been to OO HEAVEN and loved it. Very sure that with your vision and passion, new artists in this country will get the recognition they deserve.
Akhilesh Kumar 20-12-2016
Akshit 14-12-2016 Hi Suraj, great initiative. Let us know if we can be of more help. Keep up the good work.
Aruj Garg 12-03-2017
Ashish Jose Kavi 09-12-2016 Dear Sir, Love the initiative and the efforts you are putting. For the past three years I too have been trying to bring talent out from the pool of amateurs and corporate professionals with a concept I call En Route Thursdays. I have a dream that one day in this country the music industry will be independent and not a part of film industry. And that can only happen where every musician back each other. Hence my small contribution. God bless!
Bhaskar Aspari 28-10-2016 A place to celebrate what makes us one, arpo to music! Full credit to Suraj Mani for spearheading this initiative.
Celestina 18-02-2017 U guys are amazing...N the work Ull have initiated is extraordinary...Kudos...Happy to be a part :)
Chandan Nair 05-02-2017 Good initiative Suraj :)
Debjeet 27-10-2016 Keep it up!
Deepak Balan 14-12-2016 This is a brilliant initiative. Feels good to support it!!!
Deepak Malhotra 14-12-2016 Hi. I love what you're working towards. I myself being a Singer-Songwriter would love to associate with you in which ever way possible. Please write back to me :)
Deepu sasidharan 26-12-2016
Deepu sasidharan - Special Donor 26-12-2016 My humble Support For the Love of Music
Dinesh Jayaram 27-12-2016 Keep going... ossum idea!!
Dinkar Nayak 12-11-2016
eben 10-12-2016 =) love this. Best of luck.
Elizabeth Joseph 18-12-2016
Esther Ninan 08-12-2016 Thank you for the music!
Ganesh Radhakrishnan - Special Donor 27-12-2016 Love for the independent music in India. Great initiative Suraj etta and the team!
Gaurav Vaz 09-12-2016 Best of luck!
Goncalo Pinheiro - Special Donor 13-03-2017 This is such a good thing... Thank you and all the best!
Govind P Menon - Special Donor 08-12-2016 Indie Music For The Win! :) m/
Gunja Praveen Kumar 09-12-2016 Something good is about to happen.. i am with you. want to be a part of this
Jishnu Dasgupta 09-12-2016 More power to you, Suraj
Jobin Sebastian 07-12-2016 Best wishes!
Johanson Prabukumar 09-12-2016 A great Initiative Suraj Mani
John Melvin 08-12-2016 Go indie Go
Kaustuv Dasgupta 09-12-2016 Awesome idea, happy to help! Keep going!
KISHORE 08-12-2016 All the best
Mahesh 14-12-2016 Here's to more music. Thanks Suraj.
mahesh muralidharan 02-02-2017 horns up!!
Mahesh Raghunandan 14-12-2016 Here's to more music. Thanks Suraj.
manu menon - Special Donor 09-12-2016
Meghna 19-12-2016 :)
mohit chopra 02-02-2017 Great work!!
Muktak Kanjilal 29-12-2016 Hi, I am myself an audio engineer and I have been listening and supporting independent music since long. It is really good to see an initiative like this. Thanks, Muktak
Munira Kaul 11-03-2017 Wish you the very best and I pray that this community becomes bigger!!
NamithaPC 09-12-2016 I would love to be part of this special work.
Naveen Thomas Joseph 18-12-2016
Peter Abraham - Special Donor 17-12-2016 Good luck Suraj and team, hopefully my band and I will be able to play there sometime down the line. Cheers!
Praveen Biligiri 09-12-2016 OO Heaven! If things can change in Indie music, its initiatives like these! Good Luck to all of us!!
Praveen Biligiri 09-12-2016 OO Heaven! If things can change in Indie music, its initiatives like these! Good Luck to all of us!!
Praveen Jaikant 12-03-2017 More than happy to be part of this. The indie music scene has grown by leaps and bounds and completely deserves this kind of support. Great initiative! Keep it up.
Praveen Shirali 04-01-2017
Priyapravas 14-12-2016 Cheers!
Purnima 26-10-2016 You guys will always have my support and my love..
Purnima Chandra - Special Donor 12-03-2017 Thank you for the music. Love always...
Rahul Rishi 12-11-2016
Ramana Doma - Special Donor 14-12-2016 The least we can do for all the amazing stuff you talented people do is to contribute some money. You make us happy. You take us close to God. You refresh our mind. You release our souls. GOD BLESS YOU.
Rameez Rahman 19-12-2016 More power to you and what you are doing. Privileged to be a part of this.
Ranju 08-12-2016 All the best. I hope this initiative takes Indian artistes to a whole new level and creates new avenues for talent.
Rishav 18-11-2016
Sajeesh Gangadharan 08-12-2016 This is gonna be awesome !
Sandeep Pillai 24-11-2016 For the Love of Music :):):)
Sanjay Chandrakanth 16-12-2016 Here's my humble contribution, gentlemen! May your tribe increase. May this movement reach out to the whole country. Cheers
Sanjeev Rao and Manou Rao 14-12-2016 Suraj, what I promise I deliver :-) ..So proud of this initiative and exactly what our country needs...Hats off Suraj for this initiative., Kudos Teju for sharing and being the best ambassador of inclusion and community spirit
Sathya - Special Donor 03-09-2017 For the artist
Savi Shrivastava 14-12-2016 Thank you for being the torch-bearers. This is a great initiative and extremely inspiring for people who are living to create a better independent music future. Looking forward to be a part of this. Savi Shrivastava. Artist Manager. Daira
Sharath 17-11-2016 Ask the best.. Looking fwd to visit.
Sheeja 18-12-2016 Love the concept. Great avenue for artists. Good luck
Shivaraj Shetty 17-11-2016
Shrawan Banerjee 09-12-2016
SIDHARTH KAUL 25-02-2017 Best Wishes to all performing artists including me for making this mission a big SUCCESS.
Sirish Karanth 15-12-2016 Suraj Mani, This is a great initiative!!! Salute!!!
Sridhar Varadarajan 14-12-2016 Hi. This is really a great initiative for artists. I wish you guys all the best.
Srivarun 21-12-2016 Keep up the amazing work and more strength to you guys!
Sudhamshu Mitra - Special Donor 14-12-2016 I am really glad that you are supporting Indian Indie Recordings, and like you said, it is only possible if we all come together. Not just in terms of monetary numbers, but also as people working towards supporting the Indie music scene in our own ways. I hope this and many other steps that you take allows us to move towards a more decentralised music industry wherein everyone gets a chance, and everyone is heard.
Sumukh Bharadwaj 14-12-2016 The independent music scene needed this much more than anything else. So glad to be able to do whatever little i can. Looking forward to more music. Cheers!
Suresh Varma - Special Donor 09-12-2016 For the goodness in your heart Mr Mani. And for all that you stand for in music and in life.
Tejas Shankar 14-12-2016 With you guys forever on this journey!
Tiburtius V Rubin ( Tenma) 08-12-2016 for the love of Indie
Vedanth Bharadwaj 15-12-2016 Great initiative! Truth, heart and soul is in the right place. Sending lots of love, sunshine and power to the team!
Vijayganesh 09-12-2016 Hi, As a fellow independent musician, this initiative warms my heart. There is great music in this country and amazing musicians that need avenues like this to perform. Hoping one day we would also play at OK heaven. Regards, Vijay
vijesh v 14-12-2016 Hey Suraj, All the very best. Let's meet up when Olly is in town. Cheers Vijesh
Vishwas 03-06-2017 Suraj, I really like all your songs and would like to contribute to this initiative. Cheers Vishwas.
Vishwas Karanth 09-12-2016 All the best, guys!
Vivek Pai m 18-12-2016 Awesome initiative 👍🏻👍🏻 Awesome music ..
Wesley Newton 09-12-2016 Love you, Suraj! So proud of you and what you are doing for the indie music scene! God bless your beautiful and continue to richly reward you - Wes :-)